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For AZGEO users who are affiliated with a government agency.

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Discussion Board

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Hello everyone.

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Will this group cover topics for environment also, such as air quality, air emissions, water quality, etc?

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The Government group has very little to do with the specific type of data that you have access to. Rather, groups have been implemented in the new Clearinghouse to more effectively organize users, while increasing security and making it easier for data contributors to control access to their data. Being a member of the Government group means that you have access to download or view data that has been made available to the Government group.

So far, there are a few enviromental datasets that are available in the Catalog that have been contributed by ADEQ that you should have access to.

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This pipeline runs from Kayenta, AZ to Laughlin, NV. We have some projects where this pipeline runs under and would like a layer showing exactly where the pipeline is. Does anyone know where or if there is such a digital layer? Thank you.

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I am having trouble locating any data for the mile markers along Highway 95 in Yuma County. I have contacted ADOT and several others agencies in an attempt to acquire the data. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I realize your post is quite old and I'm sure you have this resolved. However, I've recently catalogued a rest endpoint URL that references an address point file in our enterprise geodatabase. This data has mile markers as one of the feature subtypes and I've field collected a couple that seem to be missing from ADOTS inventory so it should be comprehensive. Just search for Address Points for Yuma to find the rest end point URL. Please note that this data is not resident on AZGEO so it cannot be downloaded. In other words, we are simply federating our system with AZGEO so you'll always be looking at a live dataset.

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I'm looking for aerial imagery for the Ka1bab national forest from the 1970s to early 1980s. I was hoping someone may have high resolution NHAP images or other single-frame images to share...

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