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Arizona GeoData Supply Chain Application Description

These applications allow data users to provide georeferenced feedback to owners of data – and seek a response from the owner – thereby minimizing redundant editing of other owner’s data. When particular issues are resolved, the user can request an updated dataset from the owner – or the owner can post an update to the catalog on AZGEO. Observers registered in this group can use an ArcMap add-in to start a ticket that registers a quality control issue for the community of users so that useful feedback is directed to the data owner and the community is aware. There are over a dozen “function tags” that classify the data types relating to centerlines, addresses, and other transportation data related functions. You must be a member of the Arizona Centerline Unification group to access the application. For instructions on how to join the group, please click here.

Create Ticket

Use this option to point out a new issue. As part of ticket creation, you will outline a rectangular area of the state (via the online map) where the issue is located and provide the ticket with some basic information concerning the issue and its potential remedy. A ticket with the rectangular raster image will then be created and shared with members of the Arizona Centerline Unification group who have subscribed their interest in the same functions and areas. An add-in for creating tickets inside of ArcMap 10.3.x is available for download and desktop installation here .

You do not need the add-in if you simply respond to tickets – only for initiating them from ArcMap instead of AZGEO.

View Existing Tickets

Use this option to view open tickets that are related to functions/areas that you have indicated in your Arizona Centerline Unification group settings. You can respond to a ticket and eventually close each ticket as it is resolved. Closed tickets are pre-filtered from appearing after they’ve been closed for 90 days.

Please click here to view the existing ticket wireframes in ArcMap.

Supply a New Dataset

New and updated copies of local data can be provided through the AZGEO Contribute application (link at top). You can limit the availability of your data to a specific group(s) by designating on the Access tab of the Create Dataset page. If you have traditionally supplied updated datasets to the Arizona Centerline Unification group via e-mail or your own FTP, you may also continue to do so if you prefer.

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